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Career Resources for New-in-Practice Pathologists

The New in Practice Committee (NIPC) developed the following resources to aid pathologists who are transitioning from residency to the workforce. This section includes articles written by NIPC members drawn from their firsthand experiences as new-in-practice pathologists, resources to help you with your transition from residency to fellowship, and resources to help you establish your career base once you’ve made it through the transition.

Advice from the NIPC Members

The following articles were developed by members of the NIPC, fellow new-in-practice pathologists who are intimately familiar with the challenges faced by someone in your position.

Transition to Work

The transition from residency to full-time employment can feel like a sink-or-swim moment for many pathologists. Learn how to improve your communication skills, confidence, and work-life balance as you work through this critical epoch in your career.

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Establishing Your Career Base

These resources address the time after you’ve made the transition to the workforce and are looking for ways to establish a viable and thriving career. During this period, you are refining your skills, growing your reputation, and widening your network, all while responding to, and advocating for, the ever-changing landscape of pathology.

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Health Resources for Patients

The start of your career in pathology is the perfect time to educate patients about the value of an accurate diagnosis and the role you play in their care.

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