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Case of the Month

This program offers one challenging case each month from the CAP Performance Improvement Program in Surgical Pathology. For each case, you will use a virtual microscope whole slide image of a surgical specimen to diagnose diseases.

You will be presented with information on each case including: specimen source, clinical history, laboratory findings, and a representative whole slide image of the surgical specimen. After you complete each case, you will receive a case summary with three multiple-choice questions that relate to the case.

Please note: DigitalScope® is supported with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 (limited support for IE 9 and 10) or later, or FireFox 4.0 or later, or Safari 3 or the latest Google Chrome version.

Kidney - Featured Case of the Month

A 37-year-old woman presents with recent onset of flank pain and a 2-day history of gross hematuria. Urinalysis shows 4+ red cells and red cell casts but no epithelial cells. On radiologic imaging, a heterogeneous mass is noted to displace the left renal pelvis with evident involvement of the parenchyma. Attempted fine-needle aspiration (FNA) yields organized thrombus and fat necrosis with trace mesenchymal cells. Left nephrectomy reveals a 10.0 cm unencapsulated grey and yellow lobulated mass with areas of organizing hemorrhage. The mass arises adjacent to the hilum with displacement of the central calyces, and there is apparent renal parenchymal invasion with islands of parenchyma entrapped by tumor. Microcyst formation is evident.

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