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Case of the Month

This program offers one challenging case each month from the CAP Performance Improvement Program in Surgical Pathology. For each case, you will use a virtual microscope whole slide image of a surgical specimen to diagnose diseases.

You will be presented with information on each case including: specimen source, clinical history, laboratory findings, and a representative whole slide image of the surgical specimen. After you complete each case, you will receive a case summary with three multiple-choice questions that relate to the case.

Please note: DigitalScope® is supported with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 (limited support for IE 9 and 10) or later, or FireFox 4.0 or later, or Safari 3 or the latest Google Chrome version.

Third Trimester Placenta - Featured Case of the Month

A 22-year-old G2P1 woman is admitted in labor via the emergency room (ER) to a local hospital. She informs the admitting physician that based on prior ultrasound evaluations her fetus exhibits findings consistent with intrauterine growth restriction and that she regularly visits the hospital’s obstetrical service, where she is being followed by a staff gynecologist. At the time of admission, she denies fever, cough, or skin rashes. Evaluation of her chart reveals that she is 37 weeks pregnant (by dates). Also noted are several pre-natal laboratory results, including the following: HBsAg-negative, RPR non-reactive, Rubella-immune, HIV non-reactive, GC-negative, and Chlamydia-negative. Due to fetal distress, she delivers via Cesarean-section later that day; the newborn male is small for gestational age. The placenta is submitted to the pathology department for evaluation.

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