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Ethics and Professionalism Committee

To provide advice, counseling, and education on ethics and professionalism issues to the Board of Governors, Councils, Committees, and to CAP members to help identify and clarify ethical and professionalism issues that impact pathology and pathologists.

To assist in providing education on ethics and professionalism topics for residents and practicing pathologists in all areas of anatomic and clinical pathology.

Working with other areas of the CMPD, the Committee will manage the development and execution of a campaign to enhance CAP members’ awareness and understanding of the value and responsibility of being a Fellow (FCAP) of the CAP.

Time Commitment Requirements
Number of face-to-face meetings


Number of virtual meetings 8-10 per year; 1-1.5 hours each
Hours/year of committee work required outside of meetings Members 15+ per year, Vice Chair 25+ per year, Chair 25+ per year
Additional travel or time commitments None

Activities of Committee

  • Inform and Advise on Timely Topics in Ethics and Professionalism
  • Ensure Adequate Ethics and Professionalism Education for CAP members
  • FCAP Professionalism Campaign
  • Periodic Review of Principles of Ethics and Professionalism
  • Other activities as needed

Expertise or Experience

  • Interest in promoting pathology as leaders in Ethics and Professionalism.
  • Experience in addressing ethics and professionalism issues.

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Opportunity to experience leading CAP’s Ethics and Professionalism activities.
  • Serving to improve/enhance the greater community of pathologists.

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