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International Accreditation Committee

To create, develop, support, and refine all aspects of the inspection and accreditation process; to manage efficacy of international speaking engagements and other issues affecting the ability to attract new laboratories that are a the appropriate point of their accreditation journey.

This committee reports to the Council on Accreditation. View a list of the Current Committee Members.

Time Commitment Requirements
Number of face-to-face meetings 2
Length of meetings 1 day
Typical meeting days Thursday/Friday
Meeting locations Meetings co-locate with Council on Accreditation
Number of conference calls 10 per year; 1-1.5 hours each
Hours/year of committee work required outside of meetings Vice Chair and other members 10–15, Chair 20+

Activities of Committee

  • Act as "advisors" to CAP regarding issues related to international inspection and accreditation including monitoring of proficiency testing performance and advising on proficiency testing product development and resolution of shipping issues.
  • Monitor new and emerging international business opportunities while resolving issues that may impact CAP programs or members.
  • Serve as interface with appropriate professional organizations (eg, Indian Accreditation Council)
  • Review and make recommendations for speakers regarding potential speaking engagements
  • Review and make recommendations to the Council on Accreditation

Expertise or Experience

  • Interest in promoting pathologists as leaders in international inspection and accreditation
  • Exemplify strategic thinking, be open-minded, have demonstrated business acumen in their own practices, and have a broad-based knowledge of the CAP, its operations, and international business markets.
  • AP/CP boarded and experienced in directing both the anatomic and clinical laboratories
  • Interest in promoting excellence in international inspections

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Learn about healthcare, laboratory quality and the practice of pathology in international markets
  • Gain exposure to the CAP's international market expansion strategy and its fit within the overall CAP strategy
  • Opportunity to speak at inspector training or laboratory preparation seminars

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