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Web Engagement Steering Committee

The Web Engagement Steering Committee (the Committee) will focus on member and customer experience with the transactional aspects of the four primary components of the CAP website:

  • Informational site: Includes both public and secured sites, which primarily provide informational content for members and customers (e.g., Login)
  • e-LAB Solutions Suite (ELSS) portal: Transactional applications used to support CAP laboratory improvement activities [eg, Result Form (RF) Data Entry, CMS Analyte Reporting Selections, Evaluation Reports, Performance Analytics Dashboard]
  • eCommerce (online store): Platform for executing member and customer purchases for membership, learning, publications, proficiency testing (PT) programs, and more
  • Learning: System that supports the administration, tracking, and delivery of continuing education courses and programs

The Committee will leverage existing data (eg, ForeSee, NPS, user panels, satisfaction surveys focused on specific applications, performance statistics) to further understand the current web experience for members and customers in the United States. Over time, the Committee may inform refinement of the type of information we gather to continue obtaining actionable feedback on the user web experience.

The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Governors (Board) on prioritizing needs related to user web experience in order to help the CAP achieve its long-term goals (revenue growth, positive Earnings before Interest and Depreciation and Amortization (EBIDA) from operations, increasing customer and member Net Promoter Score (NPS), and achieving growth in our core member markets).

Furthermore, the Committee will evaluate the plans to address the prioritized goals related to user web experience and monitor the execution of such plans.

An indirect responsibility of the Committee will be to understand how web components are linked by business systems and processes, primarily of proficiency testing, accreditation, and learning.

This committee reports to the Board of Governors. View a list of the Current Committee Members.

Time Commitment Requirements
Number of face-to-face meetings 4
Length of meetings 1 day
Typical meeting days Thursday/Friday or Friday/Saturday
Meeting locations Chicago Area (Northfield HQ or Rosemont)
Number of conference calls 3-4 per year; 1-1.5 hours each
Hours/year of committee work required outside of meetings Other members 25–25, Vice Chair 60–65, Chair 60–65
Additional travel or time commitments Committee member attendance at CAP events (ie, Spring House of Delegates/Residents Forum (HOD/RF), Policy, and Annual meetings) is strongly encouraged.

Activities of Committee

  • Understand:
    • Regularly review customer and member web experience data (eg, Foresee, Pingdom, IS performance data, Google Analytics, Customer Contact Center feedback) to understand web-related pain points and factors impacting web experience
    • Maintain familiarity with the systems components related to each of the four components of the web experience (as outlined above)
    • As part of committee onboarding, gain a high level understanding of the membership, laboratory, and CAP internal business processes related to each of the four web experience components
    • Be aware of the overall IS and business project portfolio and operational needs and priorities
    • Maintain a fundamental understanding of potential technology changes impacting our current systems
    • Have an understanding of comparators’ technology experience
  • Help Prioritize:
    • Review and agree on qualitative and quantitative goals for member and customer web experience
    • Offer direction and counsel to the Board on web experience priorities
    • Provide informed input to the process to help prioritize web experience improvements
    • Leverage information obtained through various web experience feedback channels to serve as an advocate for the member and the customer
    • Review and prioritize new projects impacting the web user experience as an input to Finance Committee for evaluation of return on investment
  • Evaluate Solutions:
    • In cooperation with staff, review high level solution options for Board-approved projects impacting the web experience, to ensure they address member and customer needs
  • Monitor Performance:
    • Review feedback on implemented solutions to determine whether the solution addressed the need as identified. This would include customer/ member feedback or other analytics reflecting customer/member satisfaction or target achievement
  • Communicate:
    • Help respond to web-related questions and/or concerns with members at CAP events (ie, Spring (HOD/RF), Policy, and Annual meetings)
  • Continuously Improve:
    • Inform refinement of the type of information we gather to continue obtaining actionable feedback on the user web experience

Expertise or Experience

  • Familiarity with or interest and willingness to learn general technology concepts (web, server, mobile, database)
  • Experience (direct preferred) with executing online transactions (membership, purchase, PT results entry, inspections, learning) with the CAP and others
  • Exposure to quarterly IS and web experience reports (historical reports will be provided to non-Board members)
  • Understanding of the CAP enterprise strategy, CAP business and functional strategies, OPEN goals, and performance objectives

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Be the voice of members and customers—share experience challenges and ideas for improvements
  • Gain a deeper understanding of CAP technology, project prioritization process, investment options, and implications
  • Influence tangible improvements to the online experience over time across the four web experience components
  • Be a part of the discussion for setting the technical foundation for the next generation of pathologists and members