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Resources for Pathology Practice Staff

Practice Managers and administrators are key to the success of a pathology practice. Now pathology practice staff may access our tools and resources available exclusively for our members. Sponsorship by a current CAP member within the practice is required. Once approved, sponsored access provides practice staff with members-only access to resources and content on cap.org for elevating practice performance such as:

  • Fundamentals in Practice Leadership and Finance Workshop – Hosted by the CAP’s Practice Management Committee, participants can expect highly informative sessions in this two-day workshop covering fundamental aspects of pathology practice operations led by leading pathologists, practice managers, and other experts.
  • Community of Practice Monthly Call Series – Virtually connect monthly with subject matter experts and your peers to discuss key practice management topics.
  • Members-only access to content on cap.org – access to all content restricted to CAP members, including CAP’s in-depth practice management resources.
  • Value-Based Business Toolkits – The only practice management resources created specifically for pathology practices desiring to increase their success in the current health care landscape.
  • Complimentary webinars – Health care policy and practice management-related topics to prepare you for emerging payment arrangements and technology.
  • Advocacy Update Newsletter – Breaking information on government regulations and recent changes for pathology practices delivered to your inbox.
  • MIPS Resources for Pathologists – Increase confidence in MIPS reporting with pathology-specific resources and complimentary access to CAP experts who can help you select the MIPS reporting option that optimizes your performance.

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Apply for Sponsored Access

Sponsored access provides practice staff members-only access to our practice management resources. Sponsorship by a current CAP member within your practice is required.

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