Community of Practice Monthly Call Series

The Community of Practice Monthly Call Series is an opportunity to virtually connect with subject matter experts and other practice managers to discuss key management tips and trends in the industry.

  • Where to Begin When Reviewing Your Contract

    November 15, 2022

    The discussion will focus on what to expect in your contract and what you have room to negotiate on.

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  • Rural Pathology: Addition to Your Practice on the Horizon? Decision-making Tools From Our Panelists

    September 13, 2022

    Attendees will examine the pros and cons of Rural pathology practice in this interactive session.

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  • Digital Pathology For Smaller Practices

    August 9, 2022

    This discussion focuses on answering key questions about Digital Pathology. What is Digital Pathology and what are the benefits? What is the future of Artificial Intelligence and what are the benefits?

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  • Characteristics of Successful Leaders Managing Up and Down

    June 14, 2022

    This discussion will address processes from different perspectives for leading change with respect to managing up and down and what skills are needed to become a well-rounded leader.

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  • Billing Hurdles and Coding

    April 12, 2022

    This session focuses on Revenue Cycle Best Practices including Charge Capture Processes, Data Tracking, Bad Data Management, Payer Policy Monitoring, Denial Management, Establish KPIs and Monitor, Coding and Documentation Auditing

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  • Constructive Ways to Work with Hospital Administrators

    February 8, 2022

    This discussion reviewed constructive ways to build a strong relationship with hospital administration, ways to propose best practices for enhancing the visibility of the pathology department in a hospital setting, and whether the COVID pandemic has imposed new realities.

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  • Five Fascinating Findings from the CAP’s 2021 Practice Leader Survey

    December 14, 2021

    The discussion for this session addressed the following key questions: What are the most important demographic and economic data on pathology practices? What is the status of the job market for pathologists? How does this data differ by practice setting? How have these data changed over time?

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  • MUEs and Other Denials to Be Aware Of

    November 9, 2021

    This session focused on how practices stay up-to-date on MUEs and other payment limitations. Listen to experts as they discuss what are MUEs and other Denials to be aware of as well as what is the National Correct Coding Initiative?

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  • Changing Landscape of Pathology Practice Q&A Part 2

    October 12, 2021

    This session included the changes to the structure of practice (employed vs private practice) and the regulatory, economic, and political factors that have shaped the current landscape. The members will gain perspective on how to approach a new job or a job change in pathology.

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  • Influence Without Authority

    September 14, 2021

    This session explored what is the difference between authority and influence and gain insight on what are best practices to maximize influence at work.

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  • When Benefits Are Not Benefits: Ask the Attorney Open Discussion

    August 10, 2021

    This session explored some of the most difficult conversations in a practice that may cause discord when scheduling time off. Benefits that may be anticipated are not always possible to deliver—or to grant at the time requested.

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  • Workload Distribution Among Pathologists: Am I Working Harder Than All of You?

    July 13, 2021

    This session focused on the workload impact on pathology group dynamics.

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