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Financial Health Resources For Residents

More than 75% of graduating medical students will face debt repayment. While schools provide residents with an expansive amount of knowledge regarding medical health, there is a gap in financial health education and awareness. Acknowledging this gap, we curated several practical and relevant resources that educate pathology residents about how to smoothly transition into debt repayment as well as anticipatory management for investing and retirement.

  • Advice from James Dahle, MD, author of The White Coat Investor: A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance and Investing.
  • Financial Health For The Pathology Trainee. Presented by Anne M. Mills, MD, FCAP.
  • Debt Management Financial Planning. Presented by John W. Crane, CLU, ChFC, MBA.
  • Dr. Anne M. Mills has produced several resources related to the financial heath for the pathology trainee. 
  • Dr. Rumeal D. Whaley's article summarizes Dr. Anne M. Mills presentation on Financial Health for the Pathology Trainee and interviewed Dr. Lester D.R. Thompson about his presentation titled  on the Seven Steps to Financial Health.  
  •  Dr. Lester D. R. Thompson presented his Seven Steps to Financial Health (PDF) to the Residents Forum in Fall of 2019.