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Pathologist Pipeline Champions

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What is a Pathologist Pipeline Champion?

A Pathologist Pipeline Champion is a pathologist or pathology resident who:

  • Serves as a role model by encouraging and mentoring medical students in our specialty.
  • Raises awareness of the essential importance of pathology and laboratory medicine.
  • Encourages medical school activities that support student interest in pathology throughout the specialty decision-making process.

Why do we need Pathologist Pipeline Champions?

We're all aware of the impending shortage of practitioners and the decreased interest in pathology as a specialty—but as a Pathologist Pipeline Champion, you can raise awareness of pathology and laboratory medicine, helping to build a robust pipeline of medical students into our field. 

Champions can also help familiarize students in other specialties with the importance of pathology and laboratory medicine, and help students learn how to consult with pathologists effectively.

Faculty help shepherd students through the stages of specialty decision-making: 

Who can become a Pathologist Pipeline Champion?

Faculty and residents who are passionate about pathology and:

  • Enjoy mentoring and working with medical students.
  • Proactively engage with students and share their career experiences.
  • Want to empower their colleagues to enhance student mentoring and exposure to pathology.

For continuity, at least one Pipeline Champion at each institution should be a faculty member, but resident involvement is strongly encouraged.

How do Pathologist Pipeline Champions mentor medical students?

Pipeline Champions commit to encouraging or coordinating activities within their medical school to support student interest in pathology throughout the specialty decision-making process. They serve as role models for students and colleagues as they:

  • Provide resources and opportunities to engage medical students in pathology.
  • Promote the recruitment of students with diverse backgrounds and interests.
  • Encourage and support pathology interest group activities.
  • Mentor students in the specialty selection and residency application processes.
  • Interact with curriculum committees and advocate for pathology.
  • Influence physicians in other medical specialties to support student engagement in pathology.
  • Network with Pipeline Champions from other institutions.
  • Engage with the CAP by participating in CAP-sponsored activities and providing annual feedback on activities and successes.

What will I gain from being a Pathologist Pipeline Champion?

This mentorship program benefits not only medical students interested in pathology but mentors too. Some of these benefits include:

  • Access to resources to facilitate student recruitment
  • The opportunity to engage with future junior colleagues
  • A wider professional network
  • Personal fulfillment and professional recognition
  • A broader CAP activity profile

As a Pathologist Pipeline Champion, what support can I expect from the CAP?

  • Ideas, resources, and educational materials to help you engage medical students and promote careers in pathology
  • Interactive events where you can connect with other Pipeline Champions to exchange ideas
  • An annual report summarizing the Pipeline Champion activities and successes

Ready to become a Pathologist Pipeline Champion?

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