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Pathology is an exciting and vital specialty, and the College of American Pathologists (CAP) has curated a wealth of information and resources to inform your choices every step of the way. Find out why residents and CAP members chose this specialty, check out the latest news and events, and investigate your options as a medical student exploring pathology.

Pathology—the foundation of all clinical medicine—covers every aspect of patient care, diagnostic testing, and treatment plans. And with over a dozen subspecialties and a multitude of industries to work in, there’s no shortage of career paths. In fact, 86% of practicing pathologists say they would choose pathology all over again.

The most commonly cited reasons for #WhyPathology?

  • It's challenging and rewarding. Every day, pathologists draw on their extensive medical knowledge to identify and diagnose disease processes that help determine the management and care for patients.
  • There’s a great work-life balance. No other specialty offers such a flexible schedule with possibilities for a well-blended lifestyle and the opportunity for your career to evolve with you.
  • You’ll use cutting-edge tools—like AI. Pathology is leading the evolution of modern medicine through genomics, digital pathology, and AI/machine learning.
  • You’ll work with multidisciplinary teams. As part of the diagnostic team, you'll collaborate with other pathologists, physicians, and in some cases, directly with patients.
  • You can contribute to advancements in science and medicine. You'll find a diverse field of opportunities in academic research, private practice, biotech industries, teaching, and more.

Learn more about anatomic and clinical pathology with this helpful overview, then check out the resources below for advice about medical school and successfully matching into a pathology residency.

  • Pathology 101: A Specialty Review for Medical Students

    Don't wait until it's too late to find out about the best-kept secret in medicine.

  • What I Wish I Knew in Medical School

    Hear from residents and new-in-practice pathologists about developing good study habits, finding a mentor, perfecting the delicate work-life balance, and more.

  • Ready for Pathology? A Virtual Discussion

    Experts in the field provided insight and answered questions on what a career in pathology entails.

Part of what makes pathology such an exciting field is the many paths your career can take. As you start to narrow the options of where you can see yourself practicing, learn more about each of the board-certified pathology subspecialties.

  • Pathology Subspecialties

    Discover board-certified pathology subspecialties, their training, case volume, patient interaction, and daily practice.

  • Fellowship Roadmap

    Designed to guide you in identifying the ideal fellowship program, this roadmap provides a clear step-by-step application process checklist, and examples of common interview questions.

Get a firsthand look at pathology’s critical role in patient care by joining or starting a student interest group at your institution. If you’re interested in starting a pathology interest group at your school, or would like to receive resources, please email us at MedicalStudent@cap.org.

Check out these other resources to help you get a head start in pursuing a pathology residency:

  • 7 Ways to Be the Best First-Year Resident in Your Program

    The CAP Residents Forum held a virtual celebration and Q&A session to help the newly matched residents prepare for their new chapter. Check out the celebration highlights and panel insights.

  • How to Write a Personal Statement for Pathology Residency Applications

    In this article, Casey Schukow, DO and other pathology residents share tips on crafting a stellar personal statement for pathology residency applications.

  • Considering a Post-Sophomore Fellowship?

    Hear from a panel of pathology residents who have completed a post-sophomore fellowship and learn how a student fellowship can set you up for success as a future pathology trainee.

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) is the premier organization for advocating and supporting excellence in pathology and laboratory medicine. Take full advantage of its strength by connecting with other medical students facing the same challenges and opportunities that you do.

  • CAP Events

    Whether it's the CAP annual meeting, the Pathologists Leadership Summit, or our many webinars and roundtables, participating in a CAP event will place you at the heart of pathology.

  • MyCAP

    Gain access to the CAP member directory, content curated for pathologists, and the opportunity to earn CME with the MyCAP mobile app.

  • CAP Foundation Medical Student Travel Award

    The Medical Student Travel Award is intended to support medical students showing a strong interest in pathology as a career choice. This award provides funding to cover travel expenses to attend the CAP Annual Meeting.

Be a Part of the CAP Community

Join the CAP as a medical student member to gain access to members-only content and other benefits.