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Accreditation Checklists

Developed with input from more than 500 pathologists and laboratory experts, our 21 discipline-specific accreditation checklists provide a clear roadmap for not only achieving accreditation but also for running a high-quality laboratory. Since the checklists are organized by discipline, they are easy to assign to staff, helping to simplify your inspection preparation process. Written in easy-to-understand language, they remove the guesswork from compliance which can be especially helpful for laboratories facing staffing challenges.

Checklists Simplify the Compliance Process

Infused with best practices, our checklists are updated annually to help laboratories stay current with rapidly evolving advances in laboratory medicine, technology, and regulatory compliance. These detailed checklists include:

  • Notes, references, and practical examples to further clarify requirements and facilitate compliance
  • Citations to additional resources for further explanation
  • Built-in references for easy access to specific regulations
  • Evidence of compliance with integrated best practices

View a Full Listing of Available Checklists with Description (PDF)

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Checklists Customized For Your Laboratory

Prior to an inspection, we create a custom checklist specifically for your laboratory based on your exact testing menu, so you and the inspection team both know what’s being inspected so there are no surprises.

Your staff will save time in their inspection preparation and ongoing compliance efforts because they will only see the requirements that apply to your unique laboratory.

Checklists are Compatible with Today’s Document Control Systems

Considering a document control system to manage your laboratory’s policies, procedures, and documents? Check to see which vendors participate in the CAP’s Checklist Distribution Program. CAP checklists are available in Word, Excel, or PDF format.

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Purchase Accreditation Checklists

If you purchase the accreditation checklists and apply for accreditation within 6 months of purchase, we’ll waive the accreditation application fee.

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