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Why CAP Accreditation

Focused on the Laboratory

Fostering Patient Care
and Safety

We are experts in laboratory and biorepository accreditation because that’s our exclusive focus.

Built on more than a half-century of experience, the CAP’s Laboratory Accreditation Program has been the champion of laboratory excellence. We are recognized as the global leader in improving the quality of services using established performance standards. Our programs provide an engaging, dynamic, collaborative process that fosters an environment of continuous improvement.

Preferred by Top Hospitals

Year after year top hospitals1 choose to partner with the CAP as the most rigorous choice for accreditation, strengthening each laboratory’s ability to deliver high-quality service to ensure the best patient care possible.

No One Can Match Our Scientific Expertise

We lead the way—backed by the scientific expertise of the world’s largest board-certified pathologist organization. Our members’ mastery of pathology and laboratory medicine supplies the leading-edge science and technology in the checklists, benefitting the clinicians and patients who rely so heavily upon accurate laboratory testing.

We Keep Pace With the Evolving Laboratory

Through the input of our pathologist members and laboratory professionals around the world, we update our program regularly to reflect the current changes on the front lines of laboratory medicine and technology, as well as the regulatory landscape. When a crisis does emerge, we quickly draw upon our vast expertise to provide the guidance and clarity you need to navigate through the crisis.

Annual Checklists Simplify Compliance

Our checklists are infused with modern best practices and provide a clear roadmap not only for achieving accreditation but also running a high-quality laboratory. The first CAP accreditation checklists were created before CLIA standards were established.

Unique Peer-Inspection Model

Our inspection teams are trained, practicing laboratory professionals who understand the workflows and challenges you face because they face them every day as well. Our reciprocal model benefits both the laboratories being inspected and the laboratories providing the inspection teams.

Year-Round Education Offerings for Continued Learning

Complimentary educational resources help laboratories prepare for accreditation, maintain compliance, and provide high-quality service.

Key Insights to Mitigate Risk

Our Performance Analytics Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your accreditation and PT performance. Using key insights from the dashboard, you’ll be able to identify and mitigate risk while benchmarking your laboratories performance against your peers and the CAP-wide performance.

Accreditation to ISO 15189

Our CAP 15189 program complements the universally recognized best-in-class standards and laboratory practices found in the Laboratory Accreditation Program. We add the process rigor and quality system scope of the ISO 15189 standard.

The CAP equips accredited laboratories with the knowledge, skills, and resources to remain current and relevant in an evolving health care landscape.

R. Bruce Williams, MD, FCAP

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