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Calibration Verification/Linearity (CVL)

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) instrumentation validation tools provide laboratories with high-quality Surveys that focus on the accuracy of test results for patients.

Calibration Verification and Linearity (CVL) Program

This program, designed for laboratories, satisfies the requirements for scheduled calibration verification and verification of the analytical measurement range as specified in the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program and Current Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Regulations Section 493.1255 for most analytes.

Instrumentation Quality Management Programs

The CAP Instrumentation Program provides laboratories with useful information about the performance of the instruments (manual and automated) to determine if laboratories are providing the most accurate patient results.

Educational Resources

Learn more about Calibration Verification and Linearity (CVL). Watch our two-part educational video series to facilitate implementation in your laboratory.

Part One

Understanding the Requirements of Analytical Measurement Range (AMR) Verification

  • Learn basic terminology
  • Identify checklist requirements and appropriate material for verification

Calibration Verification/Linearity (CVL) Program - Part One

Part Two

Understanding the Requirements of Analytical Measurement Range (AMR) Verification

  • Learn to identify instances and exceptions for AMR
  • Understand the laboratory‚Äôs role in troubleshooting

Calibration Verification/Linearity (CVL) Program - Part Two

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