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The CAP's First New Council in 18 Years

In October 2022, the College of American Pathologists (CAP) launched the Council of Informatics and Pathology Innovation (CIPI), its first new council in 18 years. This new council will strengthen the CAP’s commitment to strategic direction and guidance on medical information science, data science, and computational technologies that could impact the practice of pathology. The council reports directly to the Board of Governors and M.E. (Doc) de Baca, MD, FCAP, was selected to serve as the first Chair of the new Council. Bobbi Pritt, MD, MS, FCAP is the Vice Chair of CIPI.

“I am thrilled the CAP Board has created the Council on Informatics and Pathology Innovation and am proud to have been selected to serve as the first Chair of the new council,” stated Dr. de Baca. “Pathologists understand that technology is changing our field; with the new Council, the CAP demonstrates its commitment to help members learn about and introduce novel workflows into their practices.”

CIPI will provide informatics domain information and expertise to the CAP in furtherance of its programs and mission. In addition, CIPI serves as the CAP coordinating entity for cross-council and committee informatics, HIT standards, data and system interoperability, and related innovation activities by creating and maintaining CAP recommendations for the use of computational tools, data management techniques, and system interoperability in the practice of pathology. The Council will advise other councils and committees on informatics and interoperability-related activities and collaborate with the Council on Education to educate pathologists in the acquisition of informatics-related skills to improve their daily practices.

CIPI comprises the following committees: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cancer, Digital and Computational Pathology (DCPC), Informatics, and Pathology Electronic Reporting (PERT). These committees continue to focus on interoperability and pathology reports including the CAP’s work on a laboratory coding quality assurance design as part of a $1 million contract with the FDA.  

For more information on Clinical Informatics including educational opportunities and published materials, click here.

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