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  • Working Hard for the Money: The Importance of Salary Negotiation

    Dr. Nicole Riddle’s article focuses on how new-in-practice pathologists should approach the art of salary negotiations.

  • Finding Your Work-Life Balance

    Dr. Juanita Evans explains how taking stock of your priorities and your routine can reduce the stress and pressure that come with feeling unfocused.

  • Eyes Have It: Tips on Good Eye Habits for Pathologists

    A pathologist's most valuable asset is their eyes, however, we rarely hear pathologists speak about protecting their eye health. CAP member Dr. Adam Booth interviewed ophthalmologist Dr. Whitney Lomazow on how pathologists can take care of their eyes.

  • Parenting Hacks for the New-in-Practice Pathologist

    Being a parent is hard work. Find out how one of our new-in-practice member's leverages a pathologist's favorable work-life balance to navigate the curves of parenthood.

  • From Medical Education to Financial Education for Residents

    Rumeal D. Whaley, MD, recaps Anne M. Mills, MD, FCAP presentation Financial Health for the Pathology Trainee and interviews Fellow CAP member Lester D.R. Thompson, MD, FCAP, in advance of his financial presentation at the 2019 Fall Residents Forum Meeting.

  • Building Relationships as a Millennial Pathologist

    This New-in-Practice Committee article focuses on how millennial pathologists need to establish and cultivate professional relationships while being mindful of how some millennial traits may need to me tempered.

  • Mistakes Happen—How to Recover and Move On

    We all make mistakes, but making a mistake as a new-in-practice pathologist is incredibly daunting and stressful. A new-in-practice pathologist shares their experience on finding a mistake and the steps taken to reconcile, learn, and move on from the oversight.

  • Dealing with Difficult Personalities of Colleagues

    We are all familiar with most of the difficult personalities we encounter in life and avoiding these individuals in our daily pathology practice is not an option in many of these situations.

  • Dual Membership in the CAP and AMA Broadens Our Influence

    This article by Dr. Nicole Riddle explains how membership with the CAP and AMA can work synergistically to get your voice heard.

  • Getting Your Financial Health in Order

    Find out the moves pathologists can make during training and early in practice that can set you up for financial success.

  • Situations Encountered by the Female Pathologist

    Dr. Juanita Evans describes situations which female pathologists may encounter and focuses on to how to keep relationships professional and mutually respectful.

  • Changing Jobs: Finding the Right Fit

    Dr. Nicole Riddle provides pointers and things to consider as early career pathologists embark on changing their job.

  • Helpful Hints for New-in-Practice Pathologists

    Dr. Stanley J. Robboy shares practical lessons for new-in-practice pathologists after graduating from pathology residency.

  • Building Relationships with Your Clinician Colleagues

    Dr. Joshua A. Hanson provides six dos and dont's for new-in-practice pathologists to help develop relationships with their clinician colleagues.