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Twitter Chat Wrap-Up:Adjusting to the New Normal as a Pathology Resident: Learning & Thriving During COVID-19

On August 18 at 9pm EST, I took over the @Pathologists Twitter handle to host a Twitter chat about how pathology residents (and those who train them) can survive and thrive during this unprecedented pandemic.

I was joined by expert guests Nicole Riddle, MD, FCAP (@NRiddleMD), Associate Residency Program Director, Department of Pathology & Cell Biology, University of South Florida College of Medicine; Kimberly Allison, MD, FCAP (@DrKimAllison), Director of Pathology Residency Training, Stanford University School of Medicine; and Adam Booth, MD, Chair, Residents Forum Executive Committee (@ALBoothMD).

Below are some highlights from the hour-long discussion.

Dr. Ziad El Zaatari

Ziad M. El-Zaatari, MD, is a fellow in Surgical Pathology and former GU/Renal fellow and AP/CP resident at Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. Dr. El-Zaatari is a junior member of the College of American Pathologists’ Digital Content Committee and member and past Chair of the Texas Society of Pathologists’ Digital Content Subcommittee. He can be found on Twitter as @ziad_zaatari.

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