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Twitter Chat Wrap-Up: Virtual Instruction – How to Effectively Teach by Leveraging Digital Tools

Technology advancements & COVID—both have accelerated the pace of virtual learning, both for instructors and students. On Tuesday, May 25, I took over the @Pathologists Twitter handle to host a #capchat discussion on virtual teaching and learning. I was joined by expert guest panelists Jerad Gardner, MD, FCAP (@JMGardenerMD) and Vikram Deshpande, MD, FCAP (@Vik_deshpandeMD).

Below are some highlights from the discussion:

Dr. Butt is a new-in-practice thoracic pathologist who is part of a busy pulmonary consultation service at Mayo Clinic Arizona. She is the author of numerous book chapters and articles in pulmonary pathology. She is a member of the CAP New In Practice and Digital Content Committees and a past member of the Resident Forum Executive Committee. She can be found on Twitter @YasmeenButtMD.

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