Committee Application FAQS

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No. We enjoy a robust applicant pool, which means we receive more applications than there are open positions each year. In addition, the number of open positions on a committee varies from year to year.

The openings are based on term limits; therefore, those are the positions that we know will be open. However, all member appointments are evaluated on an annual basis which means that there may be openings that occur and if you are interested in the committee, we recommend that you apply.

We are accepting applications for 2023 because the 2022 appointment cycle is complete. Though applying for 2023, please note that openings may occur on committees and/or project teams for various reasons throughout the calendar year. When these vacancies arise, your application will be considered. If appointed to fill a vacancy, you would be notified immediately following Board approval.

Yes. All applicants not appointed to a committee will be notified by the end of the calendar year.

The CAP enjoys a robust applicant pool annually which means we have many more applicants than we have positions each year. Like anything else, networking is key! Reach out to the committee’s chair and/or staff to introduce yourself and let them know you’ve applied.

Applications are maintained through the first quarter of the appointment year for which you are applying. Applications should be submitted annually.

The CAP welcomes nonmember applicants to apply. Nonmembers are individuals who are not eligible for CAP membership.

No. Pathology residents should activate their Junior Member status through the website. Note, Junior membership is free. Learn about CAP Junior Membership.

Yes, the committees that have openings based on term limits are listed on the application.

No. Junior Member positions are reserved for those residents who have not yet passed their boards. Once you pass your boards, you are automatically re-classified as a CAP Fellow and are therefore ineligible.

If you anticipate having your board-certification before the appointment year begins, you cannot apply as a Junior Member. Please indicate "CAP Fellow/Emeritus Member" on the application.

If you are a resident who anticipates being board-certified for the appointment year for which you are applying, you have likely indicated "CAP Fellow/Emeritus Member" on the application. By doing so, you have bypassed this requirement.

Yes. Following are some of the other ways you can get involved:

  • CAP House of Delegates (HOD) – The CAP House of Delegates is an excellent way to become involved on both the local and national levels. Through the HOD, CAP members link directly to a strong network of CAP leaders, help define and drive the CAP agenda of issues and initiatives and ensure that the CAP is meeting the needs of its members. The HOD is our largest volunteer body and, as such, the HOD is often looking for CAP Fellows to get involved. To learn more or join the CAP HOD, please contact Ellen Fox.
  • CAP Engaged Leadership Academy (ELA) – The Engaged Leadership Academy (ELA) is a CAP member benefit designed to enhance pathologists' professional development by developing essential communication and presentation skills necessary to become ambassadors for advancing the specialty. This program develops current and future pathologist leaders by teaching them to articulate and demonstrate their value to clinical colleagues, health care executives, media professionals and elected officials and to secure influential roles in their own practice and facilitate adoption of change. To learn more or apply for this unique program, please contact Kristen Erickson.
  • CAP Residents Forum (RF) – The CAP Residents Forum gives pathology residents a voice in organized pathology, promotes involvement of young leaders in CAP activities, and establishes a network for pathology residents. To learn more or join the CAP RF, please contact Natalie Castro.

2023 Application is Now Open

Submit your interest to serve by April 29, 2022.

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Please direct questions or comments to Leah Noparstak, Manager, Elections and Committee Services.