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Residents Forum Executive Committee

To give pathology residents a voice in organized pathology, to promote involvement of young leaders in CAP activities, and to establish a network for pathology residents.

The CAP RF has open Delegate positions in numerous states. Please view your state's current representatives (PDF). Review list to determine if you need to appoint new delegate(s). Learn about the RF Delegate Guide/Responsibilities (PDF) and the RF Appointments (PDF)

To fill a CAP RF Delegate opening or make changes to the delegation, please contact Crystal Wells.

This is your chance to influence and advance pathology. As a member of the Residents Forum Executive Committee not only are you helping to shape the future for pathology residents, but you’re also building your own leadership skills and making meaningful connections with colleagues. Apply for a RFEC position by July 13, 2020.

CAP RF Executive Committee

Residents Forum Executive Committee elections will be held at the Fall 2020 RF meeting on Saturday, October 10, 2020 in Las Vegas, NV.

Open positions include:

  • Chair: Presides at RF meetings; acts as liaison to Council on Membership and Professional Development; serves as a voting member of the CAP Board of Governors. Travel commitment: 35 days.
  • Vice Chair: Acts in Chair's stead if needed. Travel commitment: 11 days.
  • Secretary: Prepares PowerPoint presentation for and minutes of RF meetings; chairs RF Credentials Committee. Travel commitment: 11 days.
  • Alternate Delegate to the AMA Resident and Fellow Section: Two-year term, first year as alternate delegate, second as delegate. This position represents the CAP-RF at two AMA meetings annually, and updates the RF on AMA-RFS activities. Travel commitment: 42 days in two years.
  • Alternate Delegate to the CAP House of Delegates: Two-year term, first year as alternate delegate, second as delegate. This position presents all RF-adopted resolutions to the House for action, attends House reference committee hearings and general sessions of the House, and may be asked to serve as a member of a House reference committee. Travel commitment: 22 days in two years.
  • Digital Strategy Liaison: In partnership with the CAP Digital Strategy team, supports the RF’s use of digital and social media as a means of interfacing with residents. The DSL will assist in the improvement and management of resident digital engagement and will carry out other such duties as are assigned by the Chair and the RFEC. Travel commitment: 11 days.
  • Member-at-Large: Assists in recruitment of Junior Members, communicating the activities of the Residents Forum to the Delegates, facilitates communication between the CAP and its Junior Members. Travel commitment: 11 days.

Note: Alternate Delegate terms are for two years and all other positions are one-year terms. All time commitments listed are approximate and include (but are not limited to) weekend days.

Candidate Specifications

If you are a Junior Member in good standing; which means that you have not yet passed your board exams and are interested in running for office, please submit a Statement of Interest (click here to access the required form). All questions can be forwarded to Natalie Castro at residentsforum@cap.org.

  • Please note that if you are intending to run for an RFEC position attendance at the RF meeting on October 10th is recommended in the event that a campaign speech is necessary.
  • A Primary Election will be implemented at the discretion of the current Residents Forum Executive Committee for any position with more than 3 candidates. For primary election details click here.

View the Current Executive Committee Leaders (PDF, 58 Kb). Contact them with any questions about serving on the RFEC

Election Timeline

  • July 13  - The statement of interest and CV are due to Natalie Castro.
  • July 27  - Nominations are sent to the nominating committee.
  • August 10 - Nominations are posted on cap.org.
  • September 10 - According to RF bylaws, Junior Members who have not been slated by the Nominating Committee and who wish to run for an office may do so by submitting a statement of interest, their CV, as well as a Nominating Petition Form signed by at least 15 CAP Junior Members in good standing. This information must be submitted to Natalie Castro and received by September 10, 2020.
  • October 10 - RFEC Elections at RF meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

CAP Committees

CAP Junior members are eligible to serve on available CAP Committees for 2021. Take this great opportunity to network with leading pathologists from around the country and learn more about a specific topic area of our profession—it's a great chance to learn more about CAP operations as well.