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Digital Content Committee

The Digital Content Committee (DCC) curates, creates, and amplifies digital content to promote the College of American Pathologists (CAP) brand, reinforce member loyalty, and drive engagement. Through social media and other emerging digital channels, the committee’s charge is to assist with producing unique and relevant content to help increase exposure to pathology and pathologists.​

This committee reports to the Council on Membership and Professional Development. View a list of the Current Committee Members.

Time Commitment Requirements
Number of face-to-face meetings 1
Length of meetings 1 day
Typical meeting days Friday or Saturday
Meeting locations Varies and may meet in conjunction with the Council on Membership and Professional Development (CMPD) cluster meeting
Number of virtual meetings 4-6 committee meetings per year; 1.5 - 2 hours each 
3-4 ad hoc project team meetings per year; 1 hour each
Hours/year of committee work required outside of meetings Members 15-20, Vice Chair 20-30, Chair 60-65
Additional travel or time commitments Committee member attendance at CAP events (ie Residents Forum, Pathologists Leadership Summit, and Annual meeting) is strongly encouraged

Activities of Committee

  • Help to amplify, and shine a light on, existing CAP member content that is possibly being under-utilized or not easily found. ​
  • Utilize social media and other digital channels including MyCAP app to provide a voice to the plethora of content that the CAP and its committees produce. ​
  • Occasionally author, edit, review, or contribute to original content ranging from short social media posts to long-form peer reviewed articles. ​
  • Collaborate with other CAP committees and external subject matter experts to provide additional opportunities for timely and relevant member content. ​
  • Serve on workgroups and/or project teams outside of regular quarterly meetings. ​
  • Provide input into, and support for, CAP events social media plans. ​
  • Provide resources and guidance to CAP members on social media and digital channels.​
  • Review and leverage member and customer social media study data to support ongoing tactics. ​

Expertise or Experience

  • Active user of and/or interest in social media
  • Interest in promoting use and adoption of social media in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine
  • Editorial and/or publishing experience

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Opportunity to help influence digital content across CAP digital channels
  • Increased knowledge of current and emerging trends and topics in pathology
  • Opportunity to develop communication skills
  • Collaborate across councils and committees with other CAP members

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