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External Quality Assurance/Proficiency Testing for International Laboratories

Conducting the College of American Pathologists (CAP) External Quality Assurance (EQA)/Proficiency Testing (PT) for all patient reportable tests demonstrates a commitment to quality improvement and provides an excellent tool for learning and competency assessment.

For laboratories seeking CAP accreditation, enrollment is required for a minimum of six months prior to requesting an accreditation application.

CAP EQA/PT Enrollment Process

Select CAP EQA/PT programs to meet your test menu

  1. Contact the CAP or your distributor for product selection assistance
  2. Select the CAP programs from PT Catalog.
  3. If you do not have a distributor in your country, access the International Ordering Information to learn about import and shipping processes

Submit PT/EQA order to the CAP

  1. Complete Order Form (PDF, 360 KB).
  2. Email the order to the CAP.
  3. Request a pro forma invoice, if needed.
  4. The CAP will mail you a unique identification number (CAP number) once the order is processed.

Create e-LAB Solutions account

  1. Make sure you know your CAP number.     
  2. Follow the Getting Started Guide.

Receive CAP PT/EQA shipments and perform testing

  1. Unpack the kit.
  2. Read the instructions. Access the Kit Instructions Guide (PDF, 333 KB) for additional assistance.
  3. Review How To Complete Results Form (PDF, 748 KB) information.

Perform results assessment

  1. Review results (PDF, 748 KB).
  2. Implement and document corrective action as referenced in the Troubleshooting Guide (PDF, 277 KB).

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