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How Direct Transmission Using Data Innovations Instrument Manager Works

Direct transmission is a proficiency testing (PT) results reporting solution that allows a laboratory to transmit quantitative PT data directly to the CAP. This solution utilizes Data Innovations® Instrument ManagerTM to facilitate transfer of PT results to the CAP, providing faster and more accurate result reporting.

The CAP offers another direct transmission solution that works with laboratory information systems from SCC Soft®, MEDITECH, and Sunquest®.

How to Transmit PT Results Using Instrument Manager

Initiate PT Workflow

  • A laboratory professional places an order into the LIS to register the PT specimens into their system.
  • A laboratory professional places PT specimens on the instrument for processing.

What Happens During Direct Transmission

PT Results Are Transmitted From Your Laboratory

  • PT results are transmitted from your laboratory and are automatically sent from the instrument to Instrument Manager.

PT Results Are Translated

  • PT results are translated and reformatted via a specially designed CAP PT driver.

PT Results Are Transmitted to the CAP

  • The formatted result file is transmitted to the CAP.
  • PT results are automatically populated into the appropriate fields of the result form on cap.org.

Review Results

  • A laboratory professional reviews, approves, and submits the PT results on cap.org.

Listen to a Direct Transmission Success Story

Listen as Tim Aukerman, Corporate Quality Assessment Manager at Quest Diagnostics, discusses his experience with transmitting PT results to the CAP via direct transmission and implementing it across more than 100 Quest regional and rapid response laboratories.

Want to Simplify PT Result Reporting? Consider Direct Transmission

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If you are not sure if the CAP has a solution for your laboratory to report PT results by direct transmission or have questions, we can help.

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