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The CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program is an investment that pays long-term dividends from the moment you apply. Explore our key assets—customized accreditation checklists, peer inspections, and educational resources—and start the process today. 

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    Learn more about the approximate costs of your annual accreditation by filling out our fee estimate form. A specialist will contact you with more information.

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    Submit your application and fee today. Upon receipt, the CAP will begin investing in your customized checklists, to help guide you throughout the laboratory inspection process.

  • Sample Checklist

    Are you curious about the information within our 21 discipline-specific accreditation checklists? Request a sample checklist today and see how they will help make the transition to a CAP accreditation smooth.

Educational Resources

Once your application and fee are processed, you will gain access to the e-LAB Solutions Suite, the program participant portal filled with complimentary educational resources, including:

  • Laboratory inspection preparation courses and tools
  • Templates including Competency Assessment, Validation and Verification
  • Repository of Laboratory Director education and information
  • Checklist Q&A’s for more than 80 common deficiencies

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