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So, You're Not on a CAP Committee? 5 Other Ways to Get Involved

While the 2023 committee application period has closed, there are still many ways to get involved with the CAP to foster and advocate for excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide.

House of Delegates

The CAP House of Delegates is an excellent way to become involved on both the local and national levels. Representing the voice of CAP membership, the HOD is a gateway to leadership. Through the HOD, CAP members link directly to a strong network of CAP leaders, help define and drive the CAP agenda of issues and initiatives and ensure that the organization is meeting the needs of its members. The HOD is our largest volunteer body and, as such, is often looking for CAP Fellows to get involved. Visit CAP House of Delegates to get started.

Engaged Leadership Academy (ELA)

The Engaged Leadership Academy (ELA) is another great way to get involved. This CAP member benefit is designed to enhance pathologists' professional development by cultivating essential communication and presentation skills necessary to become ambassadors for advancing the specialty. The ELA develops current and future pathologist leaders by teaching them to articulate and demonstrate their value to clinical colleagues, health care executives, media professionals, and elected officials and to secure influential roles in their own practice and facilitate adoption of change. Applications are now open for the next session of this unique program. 

Residents Forum

If you’re in the residency phase of your pathology journey, you may be facing life-changing and often stressful decisions that impact you, your family, and your patients. As physicians, residents must be leaders in the laboratory, hospital, and the specialty. The CAP Residents Forum gives pathology residents a voice in organized pathology, promotes the involvement of young leaders in CAP activities, and establishes a network for pathology residents. Check out the Residents Forum and learn ways to get involved. 

Be a CAP Inspector

Participation in the CAP Accreditation Programs as an inspector is a foundational opportunity to engage yourself in our organization's true mission. The CAP relies on its partnership with our volunteer inspectors to offer an educational, peer-based approach to inspections. This unique opportunity allows you to share your expertise and experiences in recognizing compliance with laboratory regulations while sharing your own best practices. These accreditation programs reach all types of laboratories with the same goal: Ensure efficacious practices to achieve accurate and reliable test results for the right patient at the right time. If you are interested in donating your time and expertise to participate in additional inspections, please contact Denise Driscoll.

Create Content

Another way to get involved is by creating content or appearing on a CAPcast. Shared via MyCAP as well as CAP social media, your written article or podcast appearance is the opportunity to showcase your thought leadership and expertise in the field. To get started, contact Venus Brady.

There are many benefits to being a CAP member and various ways to be involved. From serving on a committee or taking advantage of one or all of the opportunities listed above, the CAP is committed to helping you grow and advance your professional skills both inside and outside of the laboratory.

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