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Surgical Pathology Topic Center

Assisting pathologists by providing guidance for surgical pathology practice and quality assurance.

Resources and educational material to help surgical pathologists continually improve their performance.

PIP - Performance Improvement Programs

Access the following sample cases and participant summary reports, which are discussions that provide reviews of participant results from the surgical pathology surveys or educate participants on advancements in the field.

The sample cases use the CAP Digitalscope technology.

VBP Virtual Biopsy Program 

CAP publications available for purchase through CAP Press Publications

Atlas of Transplant Pathology (PUB124)

Atlas of Transplant Pathology (PUB124)
Philip T. Cagle, MD, FCAP; Lisa Yerian, MD, FCAP; Luan D. Truong, MD, FCAP

Grossing, Staging, and Reporting (PUB131)

Grossing, Staging, and Reporting (PUB131)
Qihui ‘Jim’ Zhai, MD, FCAP, editor

Professionalism in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PUB317)

Professionalism in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PUB317)
Ronald E. Domen, MD, FCAP; Richard M. Conran, MD, PhD, JD, FCAP; Robert D. Hoffman, MD, PhD, FCAP; Cindy B. McCloskey, MD, FCAP; Suzanne Zein-Eldin Powell, MD, FCAP

Surgical Pathology Review (PUB130)

Surgical Pathology Review (PUB130)
Daniel D. Mais, MD, FCAP

Quality Management in Anatomic Pathology (PUB125)

Quality Management in Anatomic Pathology (PUB125)
Qihui “Jim” Zhai, MD, FCAP; Gene P. Siegal, MD, PhD, FCAP

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  • Products of Conception Guidance

    In response to outreach from members regarding the potential impact on the practice of pathology of the Dobbs v Jackson Supreme Court decision, the CAP created an aid for pathologists on the processing and reporting of pregnancy tissues/products of conception (POC) specimens.