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Strategy and Planning

Be Strategic.
Get Tools and Training for Success.

Pathology leaders are facing mounting pressures from new diagnostic challenges to changing reimbursement levels and increasing competition.

Developed by practicing leaders in the field, this collection of tools and resources can help you gain a clear and objective understanding of your practice’s capabilities in order to create a unified vision for where and how you want your practice to develop.

Market Assessment

The CAP’s Market Assessment and Market Awareness toolkits help your practice evaluate market conditions, profitability, competitor market share trends, and more. You’ll also find resources to help you build strategic relationships in your market.

  • Market Assessment Toolkit

    Identify and analyze current client and market opportunities. The Market Assessment Toolkit will help your practice to better understand your market, uncover new opportunities, and develop a strategic plan to make the most of your findings.

  • Market Awareness Toolkit

    The Market Awareness Toolkit utilizes surveying to help your practice gain insight from clients. Survey questions address how your practice’s services align with your clients’ concerns, opportunities, areas for growth, etc. The Market Awareness Toolkit will help you understand your clients’ perceptions of the services your practice delivers, as well as your practice’s strengths and opportunities for growth from a client perspective.

Setting Goals and Communicating a Vision

These toolkits will help you evaluate your practice’s medical skill sets, organizational capabilities, and capacities. You’ll also find resources to help you develop and implement a common vision across your practice, so everyone understands where you’re headed and why.

Having a vision or setting goals isn’t enough—you need to align your team so that everyone understands the vision, shares the goals, and works together. With tips and guidance in this section, you’ll learn how to foster that alignment and effectively communicate your vision.

  • Practice Self-Awareness Toolkit

    The Practice Self-Awareness Toolkit utilizes surveying to help you gain insight into what your pathologists think about your practice and its future. This toolkit will assist you in developing and implementing a common vision. All pathology practices face significant changes as market needs and demands shift, new payment models are introduced, and the competitive environment intensifies. It’s important that your leadership and pathologists are aligned in their understanding of where your practice is heading, and how it will get there.

  • Practice Assessment Toolkit

    The Practice Assessment Toolkit provides an objective review of your practice’s medical skill sets, organizational capabilities, and capacities. By identifying strengths and opportunities for growth, your practice will be more competitive and able to capitalize on current and future conditions. With the results of your assessment, your leadership will have the information necessary for a detailed understanding of your practice’s current state.

Demonstrating Your Value

With the resources in this section, you will learn to gather data to assess your current position and perception in the market, identify market opportunities, and communicate the value your practice adds across the health system and the populations you serve.

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