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Business Performance Management

Enhance Performance. Manage Compliance. Control Costs.

These CAP resources help you tune your operations to the ever-changing landscape of innovations, reimbursement levels, and market expectations. We can help you build financial acumen, optimize your practice for market conditions, and manage compliance.

Basics of Finance

Unlike generalized finance education, our finance resources are tailored to the specific needs of pathology practice management.

Compliance Management

Compliance is more than the details of executing individual tests. Our compliance management resources will help you better disclose harmful errors and test results, limit fraud liabilities, and address other medicolegal issues.


Visit the Office of Inspector General (OIG) or Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services sites for additional guidance from OIG on fraud and compliance.

Process and Cost Management

Without foundational knowledge of operational costs, you can’t accurately determine profit or plan for sustainable growth. With the resources in this section, you can effectively identify costs down to the individual tests, assess your billing processes, and analyze your capacity workflow for a comprehensive view of your practice.

  • Cost Analysis Toolkit

    Having a detailed understanding of your practice’s cost structure is essential to controlling its financial future. This toolkit provides basic financial management skills, process and cost management to help you identify, analyze, and control the various components driving costs. Understanding these costs will enable your practice to create strategic initiatives to control or lower its cost structure. Each dollar saved increases your bottom line.

  • Billing Assessment Toolkit

    Getting paid for your work, the work of your support staff, and for the host of expenses associated with running your pathology operation is more difficult than ever before. Your profit margins are at risk due to a variety of payment reductions and new payment models. Learn how to control your economic future by controlling your revenue cycle and process cost with the Billing Assessment Toolkit.

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