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  • A Strategy for Addressing Adversity Makes All the Difference

    Adversity is a part of life and having a strategy for difficult situations makes all the difference. CAP member Dr. Emily Green shares her adversity tool kit to help and inspire fellow pathologists as they face adversity and difficult situations in the workplace.

  • Interviewer Skills for the New-in-Practice Pathologist

    New-in-practice pathologists need to know how to interview just as much to be interviewed. Dr. Roseann Wu give tips on how pathologists need to prepare to conduct a solid interview.

  • The Dotted Line: 5 Tips for Navigating the Laboratory Management Structure

    For pathologists to be effective in dotted-line leadership roles, they need to positively influence the work practices within the laboratory. The pathologist must be viewed as an approachable, knowledgeable, and helpful advocate for quality testing and employee and patient safety.

  • Finding Your Work-Life Balance

    Dr. Juanita Evans explains how taking stock of your priorities and your routine can reduce the stress and pressure that come with feeling unfocused.

  • Set Up for Success: Workspace Décor and Organization

    Your office not only reflects and says something about who you are; it also reflects your group and your profession. CAP members Dr. Roseann Wu and Dr. Eric Glassy want you to think about what message you would like to convey whenever someone steps into your work space and provide suggestions to help get your office to that desired state.

  • How a Fresh Take on Patient Safety Can Empower Pathologists

    Learn how the CAP's Patient Safety Self-Assessment course and its resources delivered a shift in perspective for CAP member Felicia D. Allard, MD, FCAP.

  • Navigating the Laboratory IT Landscape for New-in-Practice Pathologists

    Dr. Khalda Ibrahim shares her experience and guidance to navigate early career pathologists through informatics challenges and shifting focus from how to implement specific technologies to how to manage processes.

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    CAP member Dr. Nicole Riddle delves into Imposter Syndrome and how detrimental effects these negative beliefs can have on your professional and personal lives, not to mention your mental well-being.

  • CAP Annual Meeting Offers Unique Opportunities for the New in Practice

    This article touts the value of the CAP’s annual meeting for new-in-practice pathologists, from the educational experiences to the skill-building and networking opportunities.

  • Got $1 or 1 Minute? The Case for Engaging Every (New-in-Practice) Pathologist

    Dr. Roseann Wu explains the importance of why new-in-practice pathologists need to be engaged with state pathology societies and national organizations.

  • Building Relationships with Your Clinician Colleagues

    Dr. Joshua A. Hanson provides six dos and dont's for new-in-practice pathologists to help develop relationships with their clinician colleagues.