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2021 Meritorious Service Awards Honorees

  • CAP Advocate of the Year Award

    David L. Gang, MD, FCAP

  • CAP Distinguished Patient Care Award

    Mary E. Fowkes, MD, PhD, FCAP

  • CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program Service Award

    Gregory A. Gagnon, MD, FCAP

CAP Distinguished Service Award

CAP Laboratory Improvement Programs Service Award

CAP Lifetime Achievement Award

  • CAP Outstanding Communicator Award

    Valerie A. Fitzhugh, MD, FCAP

  • CAP Outstanding Educator Award

    Robert D. Hoffman, MD, PhD, FCAP

  • CAP Outstanding Service Award

    Paul Bachner, MD, FCAP

CAP Pathology Advancement Award

CAP Pathology Advancement Award - PathElective.com

  • CAP Pathologist of the Year Award

    W. Stephen Black-Schaffer, MD, FCAP

  • CAP Resident Advocate Award

    Nicole D. Riddle, MD, FCAP

  • CAP Resident of the Year Award

    Mariam Anwar Molani, DO, MBA

  • CAP Public Service Award

    Sarah M. Eakin, MD, FCAP

  • CAP Staff Outstanding Achievement Award

    Mary Kennedy

  • CAP Foundation Awards

    Herbek Humanitarian Award